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The Berlin Philharmonic's own label


Following in the footsteps of other great orchestras that have established their own independent record labels (such as the London Symphony Orchestra, Amsterdam's Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra and the London Philharmonic Orchestra), in the spring of 2014 the Berlin Philharmonic did likewise - launching its new CD label with a box-set of the complete symphonies of Schumann, conducted by Sir Simon Rattle.

For over 100 years, the music of the Berlin Philharmonic has been documented on recordings. With the establishment of their own label, they open a new chapter in the orchestra's history. These releases are intended to provide a comprehensive music experience that meets the highest technical and editorial standards and convey the music from diverse perspectives. They want to offer more than standard CDs and through packaging and special features, through high-resolution audio and video material, create top quality products that are beautifully designed as well as a joy to listen to.

Since 2008, the Berlin Philharmonic have been broadcasting their concerts on the Internet via their Digital Concert Hall. For the orchestra it is a wonderful experience to make direct contact with their international audience, and with Berliner Philharmoniker Recordings, they plan to continue and develop this contact. Their dream is that people around the world have the opportunity through all media formats to experience their concerts and become part of a worldwide audience.

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