: English 18th-Century Keyboard Concertos - The Parley Of Instruments

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English 18th-Century Keyboard Concertos
The Parley Of Instruments, Paul Nicholson
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The keyboard concerto seems to have been invented independently by Handel and J S Bach. Handel wrote several experimental single-movement works for keyboard and orchestra in his youth (one of which begins this recording), but evidently only produced his first complete concerto in the early 1730s. Bach, meanwhile, had written his first experimental harpsichord concerto, Brandenburg No 5, around 1720. The two types of concerto, English and German, were quite different in conception, and remained so for much of the eighteenth century. German concertos were nearly always written for harpsichord and were modelled on the three-movement solo violin concertos of Vivaldi. Indeed, most of Bach's harpsichord concertos are simple adaptations of violin concertos, with the solo violin part transcribed more or less literally for the right hand of the keyboard. The Handelian keyboard concerto, by contrast, was usually written for the organ, though the harpsichord was always advertised in editions as an alternative. In England the organ had traditionally played a much more important role in secular music than in other countries, and large numbers of the English type of chamber organ

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