Gilbert, Sullivan: The Mikado - Opera Australia Chorus, Orchestra Victoria

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The Mikado
Gilbert, Sullivan
Mitchell Butel, Kaneen Breen, Taryn Fiebig, Warwick Fyfe, Jacqueline Dark
Opera Australia
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‘Opera Australia’s lavish production of The Mikado succeeds in doing justice to the colourful whimsy and pointed fakery of Gilbert & Sullivan’s classic…Mitchell Butel’s Ko-Ko is nerdy, brash…but ultimately loveable and manages to carry the show with the help of Kanen Breen’s old-boy charm as Nanky-Poo. Butel’s physical performance and vocal style recall his leading role as Princeton in Avenue Q…Taryn Febig’s Yum-Yum is sweet but never steals the scene…Warwick Fyfe gives a plump, brooding and understated performance as befits the Lord High Everything Else, while Jacqueline Dark’s jilted lover Katisha switches disconcertingly from demonic to diva in a way that is most entertaining.

Richard Alexander’s brief but memorable turn as the Mikado captures all the ersatz empathy and ruthless disinterest of the ruling class that Gilbert no doubt hoped to insinuate.’ (Australian Stage).

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  1. An all-time favourite

    Posted by Oz Nana on 12th Dec 2013

    If you want to buy something special for your Mum or Gran, or you want to introduce opera/operetta to a complete novice, this is your DVD. It has everything, comedy, great costumes, terrific singers, and for newbies, best of all..... it's in English! It's even easy to follow for very new Australians who are still struggling with the language - I've shown this DVD to several now, and they've all fallen about with laughter, and are highly impressed with this art form, even if they've never seen anything like it before!!

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