: The Golden Age of the Music Hall (1905-1934) - Lloyd, Leno, Tilley etc

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The Golden Age of the Music Hall (1905-1934)
Marie Lloyd, Dan Leno, Vesta Tilley etc
1 CD
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This compulsive and funny album contains 25 tracks tracing the recorded legacy of the great Music Hall Artistes. Names include Marie Lloyd, Harry Champion, Dan Leno, Vesta Tilley and Harry Lauder. A historical document that still entertains today.

1 When I Take My Morning Promenade (Bennett Scott - m, A.J. Mills - w (1910)) 3.09
Marie Lloyd (1870 - 1922), with orchestra
16044-E, 19th November 1912
2 A Little Of What You Fancy Does You Good (Fred W. Leigh & George Arthurs) 3.23
Marie Lloyd, with orchestra
29676, May 1915
3 The Man Who Broke The Bank At Monte Carlo (Fred Gilbert (1892)) 2.43
Charles Coborn (1852 - 1945), with orchestra
WA 9437-2, 2nd September 1929
4 The May-Day Fireman (Dan Leno) 3.27
Dan Leno (1860 - 1904), Fred Gaisberg, piano
1084, 18th November 1901
5 Jolly Good Luck To The Girl Who Loves A Soldier (Kenneth Lyle - m, Fred W. Leigh - w) 3.18
Vesta Tilley (1864 - 1952), with orchestra conducted by Albert W. Ketelbey
29751, June 1915
6 My Old Dutch (Charles Ingle - m, Albert Chevalier - w (1893)) 3.46
Albert Chevalier (1861 - 1923), with piano
AC 5814-F, 8th December 1911
7 The Lily Of Laguna (Leslie Stuart) 4.03
Eugene Stratton (1861 - 1918), Eli Hudson &

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